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YX-270-200 PE/PP/PVC/ABS/PC/PET/PS/PA/ARS Water Strand Two Stage Plastic Granulation Line

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Quotation and Specification


If the data changes, it depends on the actual delivery.



























General description:


1Process material: PE/PP/PVC/ABS/PC/PET/PS/PA/ARS


2Extruder Model: CX-270-200





4Pelletizing ways : Water strand Granulation production line


5Power supply: 3Phase/380V/50HZ(OR OTHER SPECIAL POWER)


6, The machine color use orange yellow and silver.Customer can choice color you want.



I.Flow chart of Granulating line:


The process flow of the pelletizing line as following:


Hopper→ Gear box→Main Screw→ Driving system→ CX-270 Main Heating system→ Gear box→Auxiliary Screw→ Driving system→ CX-200 Auxiliary Heating system→Control system→ Filter System→ Cooling system→Drying system→ Pelletization system→Storage system



II. Specification for each equipment


1.Force feeding hopper(screw type)





































































2. Gear Box


1. Material: 375 country standard hard tooth gear box (main extruder) 225 country standard hard tooth gear box (auxiliary extruder)


2. Features:  The material of gear is the high strength alloy steel, it is manufactured by


carburizing, quenching (and other heat treatment), grinding process at last.


The  gear  is  in  high  precision  (6  grade)  and  high  hardness  (reached


HRC54-62). Besides, it features low noise when operating.


It contains high bearing ability thrust, which is performed reliable and can with stand larger axial thrust.















































3. Screw


Main extruder:


Screw diameter: φ270mmscrew length 4.2mrotate speed 60-80 r/m Screw L/D: 181 screw material: 38Alloy Steel


Auxiliary extruder:


Screw diameter: φ200mmscrew length 2.4mrotate speed 60-80 r/m Screw L/D: 111 screw material: 38Alloy Steel


Screw features:


38CrMoAIA Alloy Steel , 72 hours high precision make,high temperature nitride


Tempering hardness: HB230-250 ③ Nitride hardness: HV850-950


Nitride depth: 0.5-0.7mm ⑤ Brittlenessless than 2






























































4. Driving System


Main extruder:


Driving system adopts to motor of 90kw from Nanjing,


Frequency converter use shanghai pioneer brand.


Auxiliary extruder:


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